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Olivetti Logos 452

Brand: Olivetti.
Model: Logos 452.
Origin: Made in Brazil around 1992 based on chip datecodes. This may be the last period of production of this Logos series.
Type: Financial basic desktop printing calculator with display. Works only with AC plug with no battery support.
Functions: 4-Basic function plus memory, grand total and some financial functions.
Display: One block of 13 VFD positions with 12 digits and 1 position for indication of memory content and negative number.

The underflow/overflow condition is indicated with the message "Error" not showing the remaining digits of the operation.

Main chips: Hitachi HD614043S 4-bit microprocessor and a STMicroelectronics W994A microcontroller, both made in 1992.
Remarks: The working voltage indicated on the label is 115v but the original seller told me he never took in consideration the voltage... just he plugged it into a standard 220v ac plug and it worked fine... I noticed this in other Olivetti calculators sold in Argentina like my Logos 400aPD, probably made for foreign markets and reconverted to 220v with no change on labels.
Size: 10.04 x 8.66 x 2.95 in, 255 x 220 x 75 mm.
Accesories: Soft cover and some paper rolls.
Condition: (9/10) Very good near mint with no marks on casing and keycaps.


Pictures of my Logos 452.


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