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Casio FX-10 Scientific Calculator

Brand: Casio.
Model: FX-10 Scientific Calculator. "FX" is the mathematical designation of Function and 10 is for the number of scientific keys of this calculator.
Origin: Japan.
Introduction: May 1974.
Type: Hand-held 10-function scientific calculator operated with 4 AA batteries and external adapter.
Functions: 4 basic functions with constant plus 10 scientific functions: Decimal and Natural Logarithm, e^x, a^n, 1/x, Sin, Cos, Tan, Square Root and Sexagesimal to Decimal conversion.

Also there is a Pi constant key. Please note there is no 10^x key, no inverse trigonometric functions and the a^n key works only with integer values on n between 0 and 9.
Display: 8 digit VFD Digitron display in one crystal tube. Each digit contains 9 segments but this calc uses only 8 segments (7 for numerals plus decimal point). This calc uses the famous "half-height" zero used for Casio in early VFD calculators. The reason for this is unknown, but one possibility is to reduce reading confusion in case of a segment(s) failure. For example, number 1.018046 is displayed as:

Keyboard: 29 keys in two blocks: 19 colorful big keys for basic functions including Pi Constant and 10 smaller blue keys for scientific functions. On/Off switch.
Main chips: Two NEC chips identified as uPD175C (E48076) and uPD179C (E48016) with no identificable datecode.
Remarks: This is the first hand-held scientific calculator made by Casio, a reduced version (in size and functions) of the previous FX-1 desktop calculator. Casio made a clone of the FX-10 for Sperry Remington: The SSR-8, the exact same machine but in different colors.
Size: 5.91 x 3.74 x 1.26 in, 150 x 95 x 32 mm.
Accesories: This example has all accesories provided with a new-brand calculator: Original cardboard box, internal protective styrofoam, protective plastic film, leather-type soft case, User Manual in English, original Warranty and external 110v adapter with own cardboard box.
Condition: (8.5/10) Very Good, Mint, minimal marks on the keyboard template, full working.
Download: Original Casio FX-10 Operator's Instruction Manual in English, click here.


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Pictures of my Casio FX-10.


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