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Canon Canola 120

Brand: Canon.
Model: Canola 120.
Origin: Japan.
Introduction: 1969, this example was built in 1969, based on datecodes stamped on main chips.
Type: Basic desktop calculator with nixie tubes display, no battery support, operates only with AC power.
Functions: 4-Basic function, no constant and no memory.
Display: 12 nixie tubes display plus 1 special lamp for Overflow indication. No negative indication!
Keyboard: 17 reed-switch keys, sliding switch for decimal point selection (0, 2 or 4 decimals). On/Off switch.
Main chips: Texas Instruments: 3 x SN4554N (all with datecode 6918, around April 1969), 2 x SN3925N (datecode 2926, around June 1969) and one chip T4021A (brand?) without datecode.
Logic comments: Pseudo RPN notation, very used at the beginning of the 70s. For example: 2+3 you must type 2 Black = 3 Black =, for 2-3 you type 2 Black = 3 Red =. Brief description of each key:

0 to 9 and . (period): Numerals and decimal point key.

X (Multiply): Use to multiply two numbers.

รท (Divide): Use to divide two numbers.

Black = (Plus-Equal): Used to add a number to the display register. Also used to complete a multiplication and division, adding the result to the display register.

Red = (Minus-Equal): Used to subtract a number from the display register. Also used to complete a multiplication and division, subtracting the result from the display register ( See Negative numbers below).

CI (Clear Input): Clears the last entered number or clears the overflow condition.

C (Clear): Clears the machine.

Decimal point selection switch: Selects between 0, 2 or 4 digit after decimal point.

Negative numbers: Are represented by the 9-complement system. For example: 5 - 9 (type 5
Black = 9 Red =) gives 999999999996, the 9-complement representation of -4 with 12 digits. If you press Red = again you will see this result with positive sign, I mean: 4. This is described at the instruction card as the "antilogarithm", actually is the absolute value. This is the first electronic calculator I have with this negative number representation, identically to the Curta!

Please see examples on the instruction card, you can download it from this page
Size: 13.19 x 10.24 x 3.74 in, 335 x 260 x 95 mm.
Accesories: Hard carrying case with handle, dust cover, original instruction card, non-detachable power cord..
Condition: (9/10) Very Good to mint, no yellowing, imperceptible marks on casing, full working.
Download: Original instruction plastic card: Page 1, Page 2.


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