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CrazyTravel Nursery School Children Boy Girl 12 Inch Small Book Bag Shoulder Backpack

CrazyTravel Nursery School Children Boy Girl 12 Inch Small Book Bag Shoulder Backpack

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CrazyTravel Nursery School Children Boy Girl 12 Inch Small Book Bag Shoulder Backpack


















Product Description

Type:12 Inch Kid Backpack
Product Feature:
1.The Children Rucksack Backpack made by High Quality Polyester,much more Durable.
2.The Kids Book School Bag Suitable for Carrying your Books and Study Items pens pencil etc for school.also your kids personal items for travel
3.Unisex for the school children.
4.The child school book bag design with 3D cute photo,more attractive.
5.Package includes: 1 * Cute Kids backpack.


Small Backpack For 0-5 year old Little Kids,Material:Top Quality Polyester
Item Size:9.4x3.5x12.2 Inch(WxTxH)
For Carrying Your baby kids books and study tools for school or Other Things outdoor sports travel
Item Weight:About 0.25KG,shipping usually costs about 10 days to arrive,sometimes longer.
Package Includes: 1 * Nice Kis Backpack
Brand : CrazyTravel
MPN(PartNumber) : CrazyTravel
EAN : 3362987723820
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